Just so everyone knows, these are my opinions. Anything posted under EdwardTibolt It does not reflect the view of anyone else, but EdwardTibolt.

Now to get to the about part. I won’t tell too much about myself for reasons I shouldn’t have to get into. But, I will get into the name and why I chose it.

In the 90’s during Bush seniors run in office, there was a group of teens in a little city of south-western Pennsylvania named Greensburg.

These teens just learned that the city officials had locked them out of a town meeting that involved a vote to ban the use of skateboards in the entire city. It was also to included bike, roller blades, roller skates, and anything that was not a car or shoes from being used within the city limits (though they only enforced the boards part). It also, would allow the police to fine them to the tune of 500 dollars.

Now in the city’s defense we were the epitome of wild teens, and our skating was no exception. But, even when approached by one of the kids father (who also owned the only skate shop in the area) about building a skate park in the city, they outright refused.

so with nothing else to do, and still very angry about the whole thing, they looked for other distractions. this started with tagging, and tagging led to the talk of rebellion. This led to unification. which led to some mild vandalism. but then shifted into the use of drugs. This eventually led to division.

They all ended up (as all friends do) going there separate ways. Some had kids, and went to work. Others went to school and got good jobs first. Some went deeper into drugs, and not many of us could tell you what happened to them. i remember reading a couple their obits, may they rest in peace. But I haven’t heard from the rest of them.

I still think of them to this day, and I hope they’re alive and doing well. But, I don’t know how likely that is.

Sorry, I’ll get back to the point.

While unified they called themselves The Oppressed.

The group was mostly of a poor background. But very smart, and when I say smart I mean most of them ranged from above average I.Q.s to the border of super genius. I could write more than you would want to read about that.

But, this afternoon, as I sat down at my broken laptop to write, I wondered what I should use as a thread title. my leg began to itch so I reached into my boot to scratch, and there it was. An old needle and thread tattoo , that i had almost forgotten about, of our Symbol.

So there you are. I named it after a memory behind an old itchy tattoo that I never regretted.

Thank you,



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