Years ago (when I was determined to find out where Jesus was for almost twenty years) I saw a video that a group of historians had made about the thirteenth apostle. I know most only believe in twelve, but these historians seemed to think that Mary Magdalene was not only the thirteenth apostle, but they seem to think she also spent more time with Jesus then the rest of his followers.

They also believe she wrote her own gospel (which were found with the Dead Sea scrolls in Egypt 1947) about what she learned as a result. They also believe she was one of the founders of organized Gnosticism in France (this is where she traveled to after the resurrection of Jesus), and some also believe she did all of this while with child. This appears to be one of the cornerstones of their belief system.

But, this is not where Gnostic beliefs started. There are many forefathers to this faith. One of the biggest was John the Baptist. But, now that I think about it this may not be the best place to start.

One of the first things you should know about the Gnostic faith is that they believe that there are two gods. The first and foremost is the Transcendent God. This god is a part of everything, and everything has part of the Transcendent God within it. The Transcendent God is also known as the Divine Light.

Now, from what I have read so far, they believe that something happened to the Divine Light causing it to expand so far, so fast that parts of it had become unwholesome. This is what they believe created the Half Maker without his knowledge.

The second god is the Creator God also known as the Half Maker. They believe that this is the god that made everything you can see and touch using a stolen piece of the Divine Light. This is also the god that made us and everything in his image. So they say since (on this world) life feeds on life the world is imperfect. Therefore the Half Maker and everything else he made must be imperfect also.

The Gnostics, believing the Half Maker to be anything from incompetent to malevolent, worship the Divine Light, who they believe to be the one true God.

I’ll get back to this very soon


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