Survival in Times of Chaos

so there i was reading, as always, going over laws and i noticed that no matter were i look i didn’t see any contingency plans.  

say some one wanted to bomb the US where would you go? I know it sounds far fetched, but in the town were i grew up there are several bomb shelters. You don’t see their signs out in the open, but if you like to walk and you’d rather walk in the alleys you will see them all over town.

so i started to ask people why they were there, and if they knew what we where to do if something happened.

Sadly, most of the towns residents had no idea they were even there. In fact i had to show one of them where the sign was so he would believe me. lol

It turned out that they were left over bomb shelters put into place during one of the wars. from what i could tell from everyone i asked they where no longer in use. the town just kind of built over them.

what i did discover is that out of the one hundred people i asked two had a contingency plan, and the rest had no clue that there are even food shortages in the world.

Now i have my food storage and supplies, and i grow my food, coffee, fruit, etc, save compost, and have been working on getting the whole house to run off it’s own power supply.

so what do i do if it doesn’t happen? who cares, i just cut my bills down to almost nothing. So, if it doesn’t happen i’m going to be way ahead of the game.

The point is that if we prep for it we have nothing to worry about.

There are several books out designed to help you do these things. I have the SAS book set, and books on growing your own food, building power supplies. You can get most of them off of the web.


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