So you’re not ready to handle that idea.

Okay, so I may have gone too far for most of you with the first blog page.

lets shift gears together.

I would like to ask you, the people, (where ever you are from) what law you would overturn if you could get enough people together to help you? Or, what would you like to have made a law.

I, myself, will think on it and add it asap.

Again, I will be checking daily in hopes to not make anyone wait very long for a reply.

thank you,



4 thoughts on “So you’re not ready to handle that idea.

  1. Cris says:

    I would like to see a law passed that bans the use of the unconstitutional executive order by the President and one that bans all the executive orders made in the past.

    I would also like to see a law passed that would disband the Homeland Insecurity.

    I would like to see a law banning any banking leader from receiving the post of Secretary of the treasury.

    I would like to see a law banning BigPharma from contributing money to the FDA as part of its operating budget, which it does, I am told, to the tune of about 40% of the FDA budget. Or disband the FDA altogether, as it no longer helps the people, but caters only to BigPharma.

    Is that enough to chew on?

    You got me curious. Now, I’m going to have to read your first blog. 🙂

    • edwardtibolt says:

      sorry it is taking so long to get back to you about this one. You gave me a bit to look up. lol

      But, anything involving the FDA (I think) needs to be looked into. They have been doing wrong by us for ages.

      All i am going to say about that is, if i owned a diner that served chili, and for some reason (lets say for taste) I added arsenic. what do you think they would do to me?

      With this in mind (i think) everyone should look at what goes into their food from start to your plate.

      But, i will get back to you as soon as I read the others, and see what can be done. 🙂

      • Cris says:

        About your second-to-last paragraph, I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, addressing food and other labels. The people have a right to know what they are eating. The only trouble is: 99% of the people simply don’t care what they put into their bodies or on their faces, etc.

        The problem is: I’m already doing three blogs. And I’m ADD and probably Asperger’s as well, judging from the similar symptoms I have. So, concentration is a major issue. The problem is: I concentrate on the wrong things. LOL

        What do you think? Do you think people would be interested in a blog addressing food, cosmetic and cleaning ingredients? It could make for some pretty boring reading, I’m thinking, unless I can come up with a new and exciting way to present such boring stuff. 🙂

  2. edwardtibolt says:

    As much as i would love to take on the FDA, (and the people that brib them) for our food, you have to watch it with them.

    look at Oprah.

    The issue is that lobbiest had our system push laws though to stop people from talking badly about their bosses.

    Yes, you can now be sued for naming names.

    Sad, right?

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