People I feel you should look at.

This page is for the people who’s ideas I suport.

This person isn’t just doing one part of something. It’s more like  man recreating nature. I hope you choose to support their cause also.


This next one is someone I also enjoyed reading and watching, and i hope you do too.


i hope they don’t mind that I did this, But if they do I can take it down for them.


Propaganda in use


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information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc.

the particular doctrines or principles propagated by an organization or movement.

Roman Catholic Church .


a committee of cardinals, established in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV, having supervision over foreign missions and the training of priests for these missions.

a school (College of Propaganda) established by Pope Urban VIII for the education of priests for foreign missions.

Archaic . an organization or movement for the spreading of propaganda.

I didn’t want to write this one, because it’s a subject i wanted to get away from.

I went to school for Advertising in the art field. This ment I had to learn how To capture you, (the consumer) with the disign, color, contrast, etc. I was even taught how to hide things in  my work.

This became an issue for me, because i didn’t see it as right.

just so you understand, every color, shape, wavy, pointed, and curved, line triggers a different emotion. this is not the extent of it either, but i could go on forever listing the things and how they affect the human mind. (we didn’t get into sounds, and how they affect you)

I continued studying the subject after I left school because I felt compelled to know more about it, and the affects it has on our lives. That started 13 years ago, and continues to this date.

I could use it. But, if you start somthing with negativity it will only end negatively, and I have no room for it in my life anymore.

Now, a line as simple as that one can be defined as propaganda, because i told you how i felt about it.

Why? because, most people will try to make a bond with that feeling just because I brought it up. There for, you are led to one side of the topic making the rest biased.

that is a very simple example. but, one that is so very often over looked.

On the plus side, if you learn about it, you see it everywhere, and if you see it you aren’t as affected by it.

Then there is statistics, and their use. For example this one from

The highest age percentage for illicit drug use is 18 to 21. This represents 8.7 percent of the population.

So now they know if they make a drug reference doring a time frame when 18 to 21 year olds watch tv they possibly caught 8.7 percent of the population.

Also, everything i just wrote about statistics is another example. did you notice the negative topic. That helps lead you in a negative direction.

I’ll do more on this later.

Okay, now i want to give you two examples, and i want you to think about how reading them makes you feel before going to the next.


95% of the world population rate average or lower on an I.Q. test.


Now a new way of saying the same thing.


5% of the worlds population rate above average on an I.Q. test.


How did you feel after reading each one?

This is just one of the little ones most commonly used. If i were to use color, sound, and show people doing a happy (or unhappy) activity i can (without you realizing) sway your point of view.

Next i’ll try to find a real add to use, so i can point this stuff out to you.

thank you,


Things we need to know

I started to read some laws and other things that were brought to my attention.

While doing so I thought, “what if you wanted to read them,” to myself.

So I am offering to email PDFs to anyone that wants one.

right now i have:

1-Public Law 107-296 (aka the homeland security act)

2-The Constitution of the united states of america

3-S.1546 it’s to authorize certain programs of the department of homeland security,and for other purposes. (it really says that. lol)

4-Executive Order 12898 (writen in 1994)

5-public law 107-56 (the patriot act)


I will be adding more as i go though them.

Again, please don’t hesitate to ask.

thank you,


So you’re not ready to handle that idea.

Okay, so I may have gone too far for most of you with the first blog page.

lets shift gears together.

I would like to ask you, the people, (where ever you are from) what law you would overturn if you could get enough people together to help you? Or, what would you like to have made a law.

I, myself, will think on it and add it asap.

Again, I will be checking daily in hopes to not make anyone wait very long for a reply.

thank you,


First the rules. Then the point.

I thought it best to start with this so everything is clear from the gate. I am going to give you a list of things that will not be appreciated, and others that will not be tolerated. Just to let you know, I don’t want to have to ban anyone from the post.

1. no profanities.- I talk like a sailor, so if I have to clean up my language so do you.

2. no juvenile behavior.- If you’re taking the time to post here one would hope you have something to contribute rather than just posting to call people names. Does this mean that I think people shouldn’t be called out WHEN needed? absolutely not. But I would hope that people take feelings into consideration for the little things.

3. The words ‘expert’, ‘perfect’, and ‘normal’ are not to be used.– The reason being is that two of them don’t exist and the third is an opinion. Also, I can’t think of any way to use them in a positive manner. but if you think “normal” should be allowed let me know. I’m not above hearing anyone (that makes sense) out.

4. Please treat people the way you wish to be treated.- this is the hardest one to fallow. But if everyone did we wouldn’t be in the messes we are in.

5. Post links to referances.- Anyone can say whatever they want. but, that doesn’t make it true. so, if you state something as fact please make sure to put a link to where you got it from. I will be doing the same.

One would think these to be simple. but you would be surprised.

Now to let you know a little about me. I am a practicing Taoist of about 10 years. Does that mean that I am good at it? No. I do try, but that’s why I say practicing.

I am a visual, active learner, and a global thinker. That means I can jump around a lot when trying to explain things. so for this I apologize in advance. if you can’t see how I link thing together let me know and I’ll try to explain better.

Now to get to the point of this blog. I know people think Utopia is not possible but I think we owe it to our selves to figure out how to get as close to it as we can.

I think it is very obvious that what we are doing now is not working and it never will. There are too many flaws to work out and I don’t think it’s worth it to try because it would take forever, and when I say forever I mean with all the so-called laws we have now to go through every one (and we would have to) would take at lest a hundred years. most likely longer. I beleave it would be best to just start over from scratch.

I believe everyone is capable of working they just have to find the right job to suit their  needs. I am excluding people in vegetative states for obvious reasons.

I also believe no one should have to work themselves to death either. In fact, if we only focused on the necessities to start we wouldn’t have to work very hard at all. I’m talking about food, shelter, and water. Then, (in my opinion) we need to focus on the sciences. I don’t think I need to explain their leave of importance.

I think that’s enough to get started. I’ll try to post at least once a week if not more, and I will be checking for feedback daily. Please feel free to add your thoughts. That is what this is here for.

Also, I will be adding polls to this to find out what we should be focusing on.

Thank you,